The Emmaus journey for married couples in mid-life

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Despite the abundance of literature concerning developmental change in life, many married couples pass through the mid-life transition without acquiring the knowledge and the skills that enable them to grow as individuals and in their married relationship, with the result that they may miss out on the opportunities for spiritual growth that are inherent in this stage of the life cycle. seven members and I of the parish of St. Augustine comprised a site-team whose task it would be to search out the implications of this statement in our own parish setting and to devise a practical response to it in terms of a shared experience in parish ministry. In addition to me, members of the site-team included two married couples, a widow, a young woman engaged to be married and a Dominican sister who was Director of Religious Education at the parish. The format of this report reflects to a certain extent the two aspects of the opening summary statement that are easily distinguished. They are the aspect of knowledge or learning and the aspect of practical application of that knowledge or learning in life. In this case; the aspects are, specifically, general information about mid-life transition and individual responses to the experience of it in married life. Accordingly, chapters I and II deal with the perspectives of mid-life that are provided in contemporary scholarship, and chapters III, IV and V deal with a practical response to. the experience of mid-life in a particular parish setting.  
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